VXA Extreme Testing

Extreme Testing Overview

The VXA Extreme Tests
Boiling Freezing Hot Coffee

What is VXA Extreme?
VXA Extreme is the definitive proof that VXA tape drives can restore data which, with any other tape technology, would be lost without any chance of recovery. In the VXA Extreme Tests, the VXA-1 tape drive restores data from tapes that have been boiled, frozen solid, and dunked in hot coffee. [Boiling,Freezing, Coffee...]

What VXA Extreme is NOT…
VXA Extreme is not about how tough the VXAtape media are. That is not the point. The point is that, even with tapes that have been abused and damaged beyond the tolerance of any conventional tape technology, a VXA-1 tape drive restores the data - successfully.

Independently Extreme Tested…
Ingeniøren, a Danish engineering publication, challenged our drive — all three tests, with one tape cartridge. That’s Extreme Testing. See their results,translated to English or as they appeared in Danish.

Sm@rt Reseller challenged the VXA-1 with an Extreme test: “plunging two tapes in hot (160°F) coffee. After rinsing both tapes in distilled water and drying overnight, the VXA-1 drive successfully read, verified and restored data from both tapes without a hitch. Try that with your newest conventional backup tape!” See their results.

Don’t Try This At Home…

There is no substitute for proper care of your data storage equipment. No tape manufacturer intends for media to be subjected to the conditions of the VXA Extreme Tests as part of normal use. But, if and when the unthinkable happens, wouldn’t you rather be on the safe side, with VXA?


From DrDobbs.com:

The Ecrix VXA-1 is the wild card here. The VXA-1 represents a new approach to recording technology-that of packet recording. Ecrix’s packet technology substantially reduces the risk of failed restores due to spot damage to the media. As proof of concept, Ecrix offers the 100%-restore results of tests where VXA-1 tapes have been boiled, frozen, and subjected to coffee spills (see http://www.vxatape.com/extreme/ for that story). The VXA-1 technology was sufficiently innovative to win one of our Outstanding Product Awards in 1999 (December 1999, p.14). With suggested list prices of $899 for internal and $989 for external drives, the VXA-1 presents a compelling alternative to other technologies for workstation and small server backups. So far, however, none of the major library vendors have released large systems based on the VXA-1 drives. We expect that to change, since the VXA-1 is an 8mm technology, and it should be a simple matter to adapt existing 8mm libraries to the VXA-1 drives. But only time and market pressures will decide when.




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