VXA-1 Tape Drive

VXA-1 Tape Drive

VXAª revolutionizes the tape storage industry by using technology similar to that already proven in the networking, Internet and rewriteable CD markets. VXA-1 sets a new standard for data restore and interchange while offering extraordinary tape drive performance.

Discrete Packet Formatª (DPF)

The enabling foundation of VXA technology is its revolutionary Discrete Packet Format.  DPF enables data to be written and read in packet form, providing users a data restore capability unprecedented in the storage industry. The packets are uniquely addressed and can be read in any sequence.

Variable Speed Operationª (VSO)

Conventional streaming drives must operate at a constant speed, and when the flow of data to or from the drive is interrupted, the tape must be stopped and repositioned.  This ÒbackhitchingÓ significantly accelerates media and head wear, which in turn adversely impacts data reliability and the life of the drive mechanism. In contrast, the VXA-1 drive adjusts tape motion to match the host transfer rate, eliminating “backhitching.”  This capability significantly enhances media and drive reliability while optimizing backup and restore job times.

OverScan Operationª (OSO)

OverScan Operation is a technique for reading data packets independent of track shape or geometry. By reading packets with multiple scans, VXA virtually guarantees data restore.  This also ensures media interchange Ñ data on any VXA tape can be read by any VXA drive.